By Ricardo Sanchez / July 26, 2018

Exterior Carpentry Repair Work and Painting in Vancouver.

Professional and experienced carpenters for all your exterior and interior carpentry needs in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. One of the many benefits you will get when hiring Argenta Painting and Restoration Ltd. for all your renovation needs.

By Ricardo Sanchez / July 23, 2018

Are you ready to paint but have no idea what paint product to choose?

After having decided what rooms of your house need painting, which you actually have the time for and even more stressful what colours to use then you’re then faced with another big dilemma,  what product should I use to paint the interior of my h

By Ricardo Sanchez / June 22, 2018

Exterior Staining, Exterior Painting.

Either is an exterior staining, exterior painting, Argenta Painting Ltd and its professional painters can deliver an extraordinary outcome. The house in the picture below was done early this year in Squamish BC, we stained with a Cloverdale paint

By Ricardo Sanchez /

Texture Ceilings and Walls

Why do contractors texture ceilings and walls? Among the main reasons why developers and contractors decide to texture surfaces such as ceilings and walls is the monetary value, te

By Ricardo Sanchez / March 22, 2018

Exterior Residential Painting in Vancouver.

As time goes by, abrasion from the elements takes its toll on everything and your home is not the exception. Painting and maintaining your building can reduce harmful wear and tear that might lead to water damage, a homeowner’s nightmare. Although