Exterior Trim Painting in South Surrey

Exterior Trim Painting in South Surrey.

Drastic colour change for the trim of this South Surrey home. What seemed like the only house with black trim in the entire neighbourhood got a facelift with 3 coats of SuperPaint semigloss. Giving it a fresh new look with this “off-white” colour.

While darker trim paint gives the exterior of your home a very modern and sleek look it can also mean extra maintenance.
Darker colours tend to absorb/retain more heat, this added to the high moisture levels in Vancouver can mean a long term problem.

Wood splitting, bent fascia boards, flaking paint, are some of the most common problems Vancouver painters will face when working in darker coloured homes in Vancouver, and whilst this may not happen in the first few years, it may eventually if your property is not being properly maintained.

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New Construction Interior and Exterior Painting in Richmond.

New Construction Interior and Exterior Painting in Richmond.

It says something when a client trusts in you his investment of just over 3 Million dollars.

For this client we had to paint his entire new house, from bare drywall to a magnificent, luxurious and decadent finish. Colour palette used for this job, white, CC-30 Oxford White to be more precise.

This minimalist undertake on the colour scheme has been a trend by interior designers in the past 2-3 years. This approach allows the designer and the home buyers to have a literal blank canvass to work with when it comes time to decorate.

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To watch the full video visit the Argenta Painting YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/sQqySp8qUg0

Interior High Rise Renovation in Vancouver

Interior High Rise Renovation in Vancouver.

From start to finish, the renovation of a High rise where the main focus is the removal of the outdated-commercial grade wallpaper can be a daunting task and it is not something that every company can or is willing to do.

The wallpaper removal in this specific location proved to be bit more difficult than anticipated, that is why we opted for only pulling (very carefully) the wallpaper without glue removers and/or steam to minimize the damage to the wall.

After pulling the wallpaper we proceeded to lightly and quickly sand the walls with a palm sander and priming all the walls with Cover Station, an oil-based primer that is one of the best out there (in my humble opinion) when you need a strong bonding primer.

After the oil primer we proceed to do a light floating (heavier than normal coat of drywall mud troweled as smoothly as possible) with “CertainTeed lite finish drywall compound”, the next step is to lightly sand all floated surfaces to remove all ridges, edges and other imperfections.

After the first sanding we lightly dust all the walls and then we apply what we like to call a “skim coat” (very light coat of drywall mud troweled in to a very smooth finish) again using “CertainTeed lite finish”. Doing things this way seems like more work, and it is more drywalling work, but it minimizes the amount of sanding that we have to do.

The next step is to do a primer coat on all walls with a latex based drywall primer (light tinted for better coverage of the top coat) called PVA (both affordable and gives a great smooth finish when sanded after 24 hours, this product by far outperforms the more expensive primers Sherwin Williams has). Then we leave it to dry for at least 24 hours before lightly sanding to lessen the amount of texture. Then we proceed to shine a light on the walls to expose any imperfections that may have been missed by the skim coat and to patch it with a fast-drying, light-weight patching compound called Drydex, sanding and spot priming any of this areas with the PVA primer.

Finishing the walls with two coats of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint on a Velvet finish for excellent coverage and durability.

Argenta Painting and Restoration New Image

At Argenta we continue to strive for the distinctive touch, both in the quality of our work and the level of customer appreciation, this is what characterizes us.

We will continue to demonstrate quality in customer service, excellence in the finished work, only now, our team will be eye catching in our new red uniforms, which are certain to make us proudly stand out from the crowd.

Argenta’s focus is customer satisfaction.


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Commercial and Residential Wallpaper Removal in Vancouver

Interior Commercial and Residential Wallpaper Removal in Vancouver.

Are you thinking of getting rid of your outdated wallpaper but have no idea how to do it?
Do not worry, just give Argenta Painting a call and we will provide you with a free quote for our professional wallpaper removal services.

1- Wallpaper removal.
2- Priming the wallpaper glue.
3- Skim coating all walls to a level 4 or level 5 finish.
4- Sand and prime all affected areas.
5- Apply the finishing painting coats.
6- Sit back and enjoy Argenta Painting’s quality craftsmanship.

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Texture Ceilings and Walls

Why do contractors texture ceilings and walls?

Among the main reasons why developers and contractors decide to texture surfaces such as ceilings and walls is the monetary value, texturing is a more affordable way to finish a ceiling or a wall. Texturing has a great hiding capability which allows contractors to get away with one less skim coat and a lighter much faster sanding process.

High rises are the most common buildings to use textured ceilings, this is because ceilings in high rises are made out of concrete, which would require more work. When polishing a concrete ceiling it is necessary to apply a masonry primer before skim coating plus a drywall primer after the three skim coats of drywall mud have been applied and sanded, thus, increasing the cost when finishing apartment buildings.

At first glance most textured ceilings will look flawless but if you take a second look at the ceilings on a nice sunny day you may see patterns of the unfinished concrete or even nicks and dents. All of which are almost perfectly hidden by the texture and a coat of flat white paint.

There are several different kinds of textures out there, for which the following are the three most common:

  • Spanish Texture or Span-Tex
  • Aggregate
  • Popcorn

All three products have the same uses with different finish and look, so it is only a matter of which one goes better with your home and the style you are looking for. Whether you would like an orange peel finish to a very coarse finish

Span-Tex provides you with a wide range of texture finishes, from a very fine and discrete to a coarse finish Span-Tex is the go-to choice for contractor, developers and home owners alike.

Textures with aggregate are easier to apply and provide a more even finish than Span-Tex. They come in three different sizes; fine, medium and coarse aggregate

Popcorn finish; we recommend this kind of texture for ceilings or walls with lots of imperfections. Popcorn texture has by far the best hiding capability of all three textures, this thanks to how coarse this texture is.

While texture is commonly used to hide the imperfections, it important to know that texture will not get rid of big cracks or gauges. Surfaces with bigger imperfections will first have to roughly be filled before texturing, remember it does not have to be perfect as the texture will cover the rough edges

It is strongly recommended to prime any bare drywall or concrete surfaces prior to texture application and then apply one or two coats of paint, preferably a flat finish with Argenta White. It is not uncommon for builders to only prime the bare drywall or concrete ceilings and then texture ceilings skipping the painting process to save money. At Argenta Painting Ltd. we always paint all the ceilings that we texture, especially when we do texture matches

Although fresh texture is very easy to remove, we recommend to protect all areas with tape, plastic (poly) for the walls and furniture and canvas drop sheets for the floors. Protecting all these areas will has an added benefit as you will already have everything ready for painting. Should any of the texture get on the walls or surfaces you can easily remove it using a fine sanding paper (150 grid or finer) if you are planning to repaint walls or simply use a damped rag to clean the texture off any surfaces. This works best for water-based texture bags of pre-mixed contractor grade paint or powder texture only, as we have found that the texture in some of the spray-texture cans found in paint or hardware stores can be very hard to remove with any of the methods depicted above

We recommend you to have the wall paint handy in case you need it, since removing painter’s tape can seldom pull off the top coat from walls, I these rare cases a small touch up with a brush may be required.

Feel free to contact us with any more questions you may have regarding textured ceilings or simply to get a free quote to retexture or paint your home.

Exterior Residential Painting in Vancouver.

As time goes by, abrasion from the elements takes its toll on everything and your home is not the exception. Painting and maintaining your building can reduce harmful wear and tear that might lead to water damage, a homeowner’s nightmare.
Although the Vancouver weather is not as extreme as the rest of the world, it does rain constantly. Painting using superior products can be the difference between having to paint again in 10 years because you want a change or having to fix water damage in 15 years.

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Exterior Staining, Exterior Painting.

Either is an exterior staining, exterior painting, Argenta Painting Ltd and its professional painters can deliver an extraordinary outcome.

The house in the picture below was done early this year in Squamish BC, we stained with a Cloverdale paint product called Sunfast Exterior Wood Finish satin finish.

This product has an excellent UV protection as all waterborne products. Sunfast is ideal to apply in log homes, furniture, railings, doors, soffits, siding and all exterior wood.Sunfast enhances wood grain and natural tones on exterior vertical wood surfaces.