Ceiling Flattening or Ceiling Polishing

Ceiling flattening or ceiling polishing is one of the most challenging tasks to do. From removing the texture or stipple to skimming the surface. If the texture is been painted the project turns more difficult to remove.
if you are doing a complete renovation in your home (removing floors or carpets) we recommend to start with the ceilings first and painting before you install the new floor. If not removing floors you have to protect floors and furniture with poly and/or cardboard.
Before you start removing texture, walls or floors, it is very important to test for asbestos.
If your property is older than 20 years, we strongly recommend to take a sample of the surface to a lab specialized in asbestos testing. If the results of the testing is positive you will have to hire a company specialized in asbestos abatement. They will clean the and seal the surface from asbestos, they will only leave it ready for skimming or flattening it.
If the surface is asbestos free, you can proceed to remove the texture or stipple.
• Make sure electricity is off to remove the light fixtures, this will make easy to scrape and skim
• Cover floor and furniture, block areas where you are not doing renovation, this will contain dust to the working area and cleaning will be easier
• Wet the ceiling; with a spray bottle, wet sections of the ceiling to scrape off the texture or stipple
• After removing texture, proceed to sand ceiling to make it smoother
• Start skimming the complete ceiling.
• You might have to skim the top corners where wall and ceiling meet. You might have to paint walls.
Once you are happy with the smoothness of the surface proceed to priming the surface then painting.

If you need help at any stage of your renovation from removing the stipple to the interior painting of your place give us a call 604 763 7995. We service Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, North and West Vancouver, all the Lower Mainland.

Ceiling flattening polishing

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