Interior High Rise Renovation in Vancouver

Interior High Rise Renovation in Vancouver.

From start to finish, the renovation of a High rise where the main focus is the removal of the outdated-commercial grade wallpaper can be a daunting task and it is not something that every company can or is willing to do.

The wallpaper removal in this specific location proved to be bit more difficult than anticipated, that is why we opted for only pulling (very carefully) the wallpaper without glue removers and/or steam to minimize the damage to the wall.

After pulling the wallpaper we proceeded to lightly and quickly sand the walls with a palm sander and priming all the walls with Cover Station, an oil-based primer that is one of the best out there (in my humble opinion) when you need a strong bonding primer.

After the oil primer we proceed to do a light floating (heavier than normal coat of drywall mud troweled as smoothly as possible) with “CertainTeed lite finish drywall compound”, the next step is to lightly sand all floated surfaces to remove all ridges, edges and other imperfections.

After the first sanding we lightly dust all the walls and then we apply what we like to call a “skim coat” (very light coat of drywall mud troweled in to a very smooth finish) again using “CertainTeed lite finish”. Doing things this way seems like more work, and it is more drywalling work, but it minimizes the amount of sanding that we have to do.

The next step is to do a primer coat on all walls with a latex based drywall primer (light tinted for better coverage of the top coat) called PVA (both affordable and gives a great smooth finish when sanded after 24 hours, this product by far outperforms the more expensive primers Sherwin Williams has). Then we leave it to dry for at least 24 hours before lightly sanding to lessen the amount of texture. Then we proceed to shine a light on the walls to expose any imperfections that may have been missed by the skim coat and to patch it with a fast-drying, light-weight patching compound called Drydex, sanding and spot priming any of this areas with the PVA primer.

Finishing the walls with two coats of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint on a Velvet finish for excellent coverage and durability.

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